I Am

Word from the Father

When I appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai, and He asked of My name, what did I tell him? I Am who I Am. I didn’t tell Him I Am Jehovah, but I told Him I Am. I Am in the beginning, and I Am in the ending. Nobody can change Me. Nobody can put an end to My existence. I Am Self-Existing Father. I Am All-In-All.

If I Am ‘I Am’, what about you? You are also ‘I Am’ because you came out of Me. If you’re not ‘I Am’, then you’re not My legitimate child. You know where you came from. All children I have are exactly like Me. They emulate Me in everything. They emulate My way. My way is the way of holiness and righteousness.

If you’re ‘I Am’, you will have the kind of passion I have. I hate dying souls. I hate My children to perish. I hate evil. If you’re ‘I Am’, you will hate all these. I Am Jehovah, God of love. I love what is good, and I hate what is evil. Anyone who is ‘I Am’ lives forever. He will never die because there’s no darkness in him. That is who I Am. And if you bear your true name, ‘I Am’, death cannot kill you.

How can you claim to be like Me when you don’t walk in My way? How can you claim to be like Me when every thought and motive of your heart is to work against Me? Action speaks louder than voice! Your action says who you truly are. Everybody around you knows who you are. You surround yourself with the children of disaster and calamity, offspring of destruction, yet, you claim you’re My son, that I Am your Father. If I Am your Father, you’ll love whatever I love and hate whatever I hate.

A true son, a legitimate son emulates his father in everything. His physical appearance shows he’s a son of his father, not an illegitimate son. But if he doesn’t look like his father and he doesn’t behave like him either, people will call him an illegitimate son. If he looks exactly like his father and he doesn’t behave as such, people will also know that something is wrong somewhere.

I Am Jehovah God Almighty. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Father of the universe. I Am the Authority. I Am the Originator. I Am Unbeatable Father. I Am Unquestionable Father. I Am Unfathomable Father. I Am Unshakeable Father. I Am Unstoppable Father. I Am Unmovable Father. I Am Unquenchable Father. I Am Unaffordable Father. I Am too expensive. Nobody can buy or sell Me. I Am the Great Oldman. My age is uncountable, and My Origin is infinite. I have no beginning, and I have no end. I Am the Beginning, I Am the Middle, and I Am the Ending. There is none before Me, there is none beside Me, and there is none after Me. I formed Myself, I created Myself, I gave birth to Myself, I exist by Myself and for Myself. I Am the Origin of life. Everything comes from Me and through Me. I answer to nobody. I Am the Head and not the tail. I Am the Owner of everything. Hallelujah to My name. Hosanna to My name. Glory to My name. Adoration to My name. Power to My name. Dominion to My name. I boast of Myself, and I Am proud of Myself. If nobody praises and appreciates Me, I praise and appreciate Myself.

My Emphasis

Blessed be the name of Jehovah, King of Glory, through whom all Spirits came into existence. Nobody understands His way. His way is the way of holiness and righteousness. Jehovah is the God and Father of light. In Him, there is no darkness. From the rising of the sun to when and where it sets, the name of my Father shall be praised.

O that men may rise and praise Him who established His Covenant with us. Though sin took us far away from Him, but by His wisdom and power, He rescued His children from the hands of their adversary so that they could have a place in Him once again. Though the mountains may fall, and the hills may turn to dust, but the love of Jehovah God shall stand forever. Every life has its origin in the Father. No life exists by itself. He is the Creator and the Maker of life.

You are my God, and I will praise You. You are my Life; without You, I have no life. Let every breath in me praise Your Holy name. You are my Father; quench every thirst of my heart. Oh, Light of Life, shine forth Your light upon me and let every darkness disappear.

The physical age of man has a limit, but his spiritual age has no limit because He originated from the Father. For a man to live eternally like his Creator, he must remain sinless. But how can a man remain sinless in this sinful world? By living his life according to the Ordinance of the Father, which He established a long time ago and sealed with the precious blood of the Lamb. This is the only way he will dine in the Kingdom of his Father and Creator. If a man remains focused, he will reach his destination without delay. But if he continually looks right and left and loses focus of the view ahead, he’ll not know when he’ll use his head to hit a rock. I pray for you this day that the Father, in His infinite mercy, will have mercy on you and help you not to lose focus so that you can inherit the beautiful home He prepared for you in Jesus' name. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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