He Rose Again

Word from the Father

If you think you’re clever, you’re not as clever as Me. If you think you have power, you cannot have power more than Me. If you think you have wisdom, you cannot have wisdom more than Me. I Am the Creator and the Owner of everything. Who will take My property away from Me? Who will take My Kingdom away from Me? The one who said he wanted to take it away from Me because he relied on My property he stole; he will never try it again after I put him where he belonged. If he thinks he has power, since I drove him away from Heaven, why can’t he return there? When he bragged with Me that he would destroy My children, I didn’t trouble Myself because I knew what I could do. I did it, and he was surprised. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am Jehovah the Man of War. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. Who is holy as Me? Who can battle with Me and win? Unless the one who wants to destroy himself. I Am All-In-All.

When it was time for My Son to resurrect, it was another problem. I was worried for My Son because I know how this Earth is. If there were something found in Him, He wouldn’t have resurrected. My Son passed every exam which was set before Him. He passed it all! The whole of Heaven was silent because of Him. All attention was on Him. But when nothing could hold Him back, and He resurrected, the whole of Heaven rejoiced with Me. I was very happy. I was happy because I could now have My children back. I brought My Son to buy all of you back. If He had failed, that would have been the end of My work. If My Son had hanged on this Earth, that would have been the end of it because He would have been worse than Lucifer. But He endured everything, and I Am happy. He endured everything, and He returned back to Me. I have made a public show of both Heaven and Hellfire because of My Son. None of you has any excuse not to do My will. The Earth didn’t give birth to you. I sent you here to live for a while and return to Me. If you hang here, it’s your own cup of tea. I have given you every tool you need to return to Me. I have given you My Son. I have given you your Redeemer. Therefore, as many of you who fail to follow His example shall not enter My rest. You’re going straight to Hellfire without delay. Nobody will make a caricature of My Son. If you gave your life to Him and you still fail to do My will, that means you know what you’re doing. If you spit on My face, I will endure it until you die. The day you die and appear at that Gate, that’s when I will spit on your face too. I will reject you because you’re a worker of iniquity.

Word from Jesus Christ

How I wish My children could value the work I did for them. How I wish they could value what I suffered for them. How I wish they could have My fear and stop committing sin. My Father loves you so much, but you don’t love Him. I came down and gave everything for you. I forsake My own domain and came down to rescue all of you. Do you think it’s easy? Do you think it’s easy to carry your load? Every sin you commit is like placing a heavy load upon yourself. How far can you go with it? It’s a pity that all of you don’t know what I did for you. I Am happy because I finished My own race. I Am your Saviour. I Am Jesus the Messiah. I Am the One all of you are celebrating. I Am the Giver of life. He who walks in Me shall live and not experience death.

I came; I lived in abject poverty. The woman that gave birth to Me suffered so much on My account. They were expecting a Messiah who would engage in war and free them from the hands of the Romans. If you’re a slave under somebody and your heart is free from sin, then you’re free. But if you’re free and your heart is dead in sin, then you’re a slave. They didn’t understand this. They tried many times to frustrate Me, but I refused to be frustrated. I came to save them, to buy them back to My Father from their sins. I performed everything My Father asked Me to perform. I finished all the work. When the moment of truth came, My son, it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy! Look at Me My son; look at the holes in My body. I wasn’t born with it. I carry these holes because of all of you.

After they arrested Me, they pushed Me here and there like a slave. They didn’t regard Me as a human being how much more as a Messiah. They regarded Me as a worthless criminal. My Son, it was very painful. These were the same people I was sent to save. They ganged up against Me. Their leaders put heavy lies on Me. What I didn’t do, they said I did it just to have their way. But it wasn’t their fault. It wasn’t their fault because everything happened as My Father wanted it to happen. But it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy My Son. It was very painful. I was stripped naked on that cross. I felt terrible pains in My body. It was very horrific and painful. Here I Am. Here I Am My son. My pains and sorrow happened in a moment, but as many of you who fail to follow My example, you know what My Father will do to all of you. As for you My dear son, don’t miss it. Teach them everything We asked you to teach them and hold your peace. They are coming back to Us.

Word from the Holy Spirit

Who is greater than Him? Who is greater than My Father? He existed by Himself and for Himself. He originated by Himself and for Himself. Every work He did, He did it because of you. He worked tirelessly because of His children. But He is sorrowful every day because of all of you. Whenever He sees any of you end up in that horrible place called Hellfire, He is sorrowful. He values you so much, but there’s nothing else He could do to save you from going there. He has done everything He could do, and nothing is left. He is sorrowful every day because of this Earth. I Am the Holy Spirit. I Am the Great Connector. I Am the Advocate. I Am the Revealer of mysteries. I Am the Spirit of Light. I Am the Spirit of truth. In Me, there is no lie.

Why should you enter a cult if you know you cannot perform rituals? Why should you join them if you know you cannot do their bidding? When you know you cannot do Our will, why did you give your life to Jesus Christ? Why did you give your life to Him? Do you know what it means to give your life to Him and fail to do Our will? Has any of you been to that horrible place called Hellfire before? The stench of it alone will drive you mad! It smells!!! That is where all of you will end if you gave your life to Jesus Christ and fail to do Our will. Is it easy to suffer as He suffered because of you? Is it easy for those who are nothing to hurl insults at you, and you can’t defend yourself? Is it easy for them to beat you for nothing? Is it easy to die naked on the cross? All this He passed through because of you. Yet, none of you values it. This is why We will not forgive any of you who fail to do Our will.

They are painting you, calling you all manner of sweet names, and your head is swelling. Are you the owner of this Earth? Are you the owner of the children? As you are, so are the children. You lead yourself astray because of your longer throat. You lead yourself astray and lead Our children astray. Yet, you think you’re coming to Us whenever you die. Where do you think you’re coming to? You know where befits people like you. There you shall go because there you choose to go. As for the few among you who love righteousness, do not deviate from it because there’s a reward in it. We will crown you by the end of the day.

My Emphasis

Rejoice the Saviour reigns. He was captured and tortured. He was beaten beyond measure. Forty lashes were given to Him for nothing. He stood to carry the load of others. He was led to Calvary like a thief. Like a criminal, He carried His cross. Without strength, He carried it until He reached the mountain of death. The horror that passed through His soul has no measure. Those who were worthless but counted themselves worthy held Him captive. They placed heavy nails on His hands and legs. He wept, bled and died. But at last, they were disgraced. They were disgraced because He rose again. Alas, He who was crucified died and rose again. Blessed be the name of the Holy One who gave up His soul to redeem His children. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah; glory, glory, glory; hosanna, hosanna, hosanna.

Arise O you heavens, bless the name of Jehovah my Father who is worthy of all glory. Arise every creature of the Earth; praise the One who created you. Arise O you stars and moons, bless the name of Jehovah our God. Arise O you mountains and valleys, bless the name of Jesus Christ, my King. Jehovah is my Rock and my Deliverer. He has given us the best Gift. Out of His love, He gave up His only Son to die and redeem our souls. He gave Him up to die so that the Earth could receive her healing. How wonderful and marvellous is His name. Glory and adoration to His name. Let every soul bless the name of Jehovah and His Son because joy and gladness are found in those who honour Their name.

Beloved, repent, confess your sins, and amend your ways. Live a holy life until the end. I pray for you today that your joy will never turn to sorrow in Jesus' name. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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