Gather Not Earthly Materials

Word from the Father

There are twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week, and fifty-two weeks in a year. Each day of the year is not the same. Though many of you have your daily routine, yet, you cannot claim that each day you live is the same. As a human being, I don’t expect you to be naked, but there is a limit to how you should allow the things of this Earth to bother you. If any of you look around your house, you’ll see unused materials. Your wardrobe alone is full of clothes you don’t use. When I said My children shouldn’t gather the things of this Earth, I have My reason for it. I created all things, and I know how I formed them. I don’t want anything to take your heart away. Of what good is it to you to keep things you don’t use? You could have used the space for something else, isn’t it? I Am the Almighty God. The whole Earth is Mine.

Whatever you have will not go with you whenever you die. Your children may not use them because they might have been outdated. As the Earth moves each day, everything moves with it. Many of you spend hours at work hoping you can secure a better future for your children. How do you know what their lives will become tomorrow? Abraham My son, the house he lived in when he was on this Earth, if such a house still stands today, how many of you could live there?

The world has its own way. But My way is different! Those who come to Me must be ready to follow My way and My will. Those who come to Me must be ready to forgo all. The unused materials in your house can be used by others who need them desperately more than you do. You don’t need them at all, this is why you keep them there. Why should you keep clothes you won’t wear in a year? Is that not foolishness? This is what many of you do. I gave you only two feet. How many pairs of shoes can you wear at a time? How many pairs of shoes can you wear in a year? If you work in a company with its own uniform, how many pairs of uniforms do you think they’ll give to you? How many pairs of boots do you think they’ll give to you in a year? Then if you spend most of your time at work and the rest of your hours for travelling and sleeping, where will you have the time to wear all the clothes in your wardrobe? Get rid of them! Give them to those who need them.

Many of you don’t understand why I gave some of My children an Ordinance of Garment. Everything is about holiness. In the time of old, you would see most of My Prophets with the same garment all the time, yet, their word carried power. But today, many of My servants’ wardrobes are full of different kinds of garments, but none of them has the word of holiness in their mouths. Many of you are too materialistic! You turn My house into a fashion show. As you are, so are your followers. Those who want to come to Me must purge their heart, give away their possessions, empty themselves and follow Me with all their heart. When the young man visited My Son, what did My Son tell him to do? Was he willing to do it? Didn’t he leave with sorrow because of the materials of this Earth he’d gathered? So are many of you in My church today. You’re very far from Heaven!

My Emphasis

When the Father appeared to me one-on-one, the first thing he told me was that He wants to use me as an example for all His children. “I will teach you everything it takes to serve Me. Then you can teach My children everything I taught you. I allowed you to pass through everything, so you’ll know what to teach My children. I have taught you a lot, and I’ll continue to teach you. Tell all of them, those who do such and such will not enter My rest no matter who and what they call themselves.”

If I look back at where the Father picked me from, I’ve come a long way, and my journey is still very far. I have learned that most things we think are important to us are not important at all. Many of us have the spirit of envy and greed in us. This leads us to gather things we don’t really need. I have said it several times that the resources we have on this Earth are more than enough to care for more than ten billion people. But we’re not even nine billion yet! On this Earth, nobody should go hungry, nobody should go to bed without food in his stomach. On this Earth, nobody should be homeless. On this Earth, nobody should go around naked or bear footed. Why? Because we have all the resources. If only one person keeps materials that are more than enough for ten people, what do you call that? Many people claim the world is overpopulated. They don’t know what they’re talking about because they’re foolish. We’re eating fish every day without asking where the fishes come from. As you’re eating, they’re multiplying.

If you look at the Muslims, I mean those who understand what it takes to be a Muslim; they don’t gather materials. This is the Ordinance the Father gave to Prophet Mohammed to give His children. Moses the Arthur, the mouthpiece of the Almighty, how many materials did he have? But today, before many of us mention the name of the Father, we mention the name of Moses. Any life that generations upon generations will live to remember has a great price to pay. Moses was a wanderer for eighty-three years.

As Christians, there are Laws and Ordinances we must follow, and we must not compromise at all. We are the ones polluting this Earth because we’re very far from the mind of the Father. Servants of God have turned themselves into celebrities! Christians will gather chains of cars as if they’re car dealers. You can truly see the foolishness in us. Satan has taken holiness away from us and exchanged it with earthly materials, and we’re happy. Those who desire to follow the Father and His Son must empty and naked themselves. This is the only way Heaven will receive your soul.

All of you should go and find out the kind of life those who established your church lived. They had nothing, and they enjoyed nothing. All their lives were about the Father and His children. Did they have time to think of materials? The Father once said to me that the time is coming and it’s approaching when I’ll have no time to think if I’ve eaten or not because of the work that’ll surround me. For one to be among the greats, there is always a greater price to pay.

As followers of Christ, you cannot enter the rest of the Father until you lose everything. Until you begin to see the things of this Earth as rubbish, then you’re still far from your destination. A child is born naked, yet, has everything where he came from. So are all human beings. The Law of the Father must not be substituted with the things of this Earth; else, our soul will suffer in the end. May the power of Jehovah God keep our hearts from being polluted by the materials of this world. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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