False Christians

Word from the Father

If you willingly join a club, you must be ready to follow every rule and regulation of that club. You weren’t deceived into becoming a member, but you willingly joined it. It’s unlike joining a cult. You will be lured into it without knowing what’s happening there. By the time you’re fully inside, your eyes will open, and you cannot go back anymore. That is evil! But I Am not evil. My way is a way of holiness, and anyone who comes to Me must be holy. I didn’t deceive anybody to come to Me, you willingly come on your own accord because you want to return to Heaven where you once belonged. And if you want to go there, you must be ready to obey every rule and regulation attached to it. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

I formed this Earth in holiness for all My children to dwell there. No matter what any of you do, the Earth cannot be destroyed. You can only destroy yourself based on the fake life you’re living. If you claim you’ve given your life to My Son, you’re in real trouble if you fail to follow every Ordinance of Christianity. My Son suffered so much because of all of you. When I gave birth to Him, He had no mark on His body. My Son was pure and holy. When He came to this Earth, did anyone see a mark on His body? Mary gave birth to Him without blemish, both physically and spiritually. Why did He return to Me with marks all over His body? Did I send Him to this Earth like that? All of you are in trouble! I Am the Almighty God, and I will never swallow My Word. All of you are in trouble because you’re wasting the blood of My Son every day because of the life of sin you’re living. Your torment in Hellfire will be very great.

If the blood of goat and pigeon could only atone for your sin to adjourn whatever torment you’re facing from the demons you invited into your life through sin, I now gave you the blood of My Son, the blood that’s more than blood, to atone for your sins once and for all, why can’t you accept Him wholeheartedly? But you’re in Jesus, and the life you’re living is worse than the person who’s not in Jesus. Can’t you see you’re a false Christian? Anyone who gave his life to My Son and fails to adhere to the Law that guides Christianity is a false Christian. He will pay with his own life. His torment in Hellfire will be very great.

If you lie down on a hospital bed and the doctor says you need blood, you know how much you’ll pay to get it. What many of you don’t understand is that, no matter how much they give you a blood transfusion, it cannot be like your own blood because your blood is only meant for your body, and everything is connected to your Spirit. And if the person that donated the blood that was given to you is a chronic sinner, then you’re in much more trouble than you bargained for. You’ll wish you’re dead than to allow such blood into your body. All of you do many things ignorantly and hereby fall into a lot of trouble. But I gave you the blood of My Son free of charge, yet, you don’t value it. How much did you pay Me? Can you pay Me? I only do you good.

Every sin you committed, My Son needs to atone for it with His blood no matter how little. This is why I pity those of you who’re committing sin willingly. If you think Jesus Christ will atone for such sin, you’re lying. You will atone for your sins by yourself. All your load of sins, you handed it over to My Son immediately you gave your life to Him. If you gave your life to Him, you’re not supposed to commit sin anymore. You should only work towards where you’re working. Every sin that My Son atones for isn’t easy for Him. This is why you’ll face torment in the end, and the kind of torment you’ll face will be very tough. This is why all of you should sit down and think about what you want to do. I didn’t force you to come to Heaven, but I want you to come. And if you willingly come to Me, you must be ready to follow every Ordinance I gave.

My Emphasis

O Lord my God, who can abide in your presence? Only he whose heart is pure and holy. Man was born through a sinful woman. And if the womb of that woman is contaminated with sin, he’ll live a miserable life unless Jesus Christ delivers him.

Oh, Christians! Jesus Christ laid a solid foundation for us to build on, the foundation of holiness and simplicity. He came, and nothing of this Earth held Him back from doing the will of the Father. This was why He willingly shed His blood. And every sin we commit takes something away from Him because He is a living Being and the sin we’re committing as well is a living being. Here lies the trouble!

For one life to give himself for another, especially a living life, it’s not easy. This is why you must understand that sin is very powerful, and whatever can destroy an entire generation shouldn’t be taken lightly. To serve and please the Father, we need enormous wisdom. Wisdom comes from the Father, and even if He gives it to you, you can only value it if you’re living a holy life.

If you’ll be truthful to yourself, if you judge yourself by the Word of the Father, you’ll surely know if you’re a false and fake Christian or not. The body of Christ departed a long time ago from the path of holiness. Yet, unless we’re holy, we cannot behold the face of the Father. And if our sins are being atoned for and we willingly go again and commit sin, there’s no blood to atone for our sin anymore. Those of you who’re of the notion that Jesus Christ will always forgive you whenever you commit sin, I congratulate you. Congratulations because you’ll be very disappointed by the end of the day. The same person that held your heart from doing the will of the Father will also stand against you when they’re judging you.

How I wish all of you would understand all these things and be cautious of committing sin. The Father has revealed every tactic, strategy, and the secret of Satan to us so that we can know where and how to place our feet. There is just only one code that can unlock the gate of Heaven, and that code is holiness. Holiness unlocks the gate of Heaven and grants you automatic access. Break into tears, yell, shout, and scream because of your multitude of sins. Cry to Jesus Christ to remove every blemish from your garment and give you a heart of holiness. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will never deny you when you call upon Him in Jesus' name. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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