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Word from the Father

There was a rich man who had three sons and a daughter. When his only daughter was old enough to marry, she met a young man from a very poor family who asked for her hand in marriage. She agreed and took him home to her rich parents. When she got there with excitement and happiness, she was disappointed with how her parents reacted. There was nothing she could do. The poor young man went home disappointed. There was another rich man who had a son and two daughters. His senior daughter met a young man from a poor family who asked for her hand in marriage. She agreed and took him home to her rich parents. When she got there with excitement and happiness, her parents welcomed the poor young man with open arms. He was very happy that they accepted him. The two families came together without delay, and they joined their children together in marriage. The way of a man is wise in his own eyes, but I weigh every motive and action of the heart. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am Omnipotent God. I Am Unbeatable God. My ways are not the ways of men.

If I created you as a wealthy man, that means your children and their generation will take after you. If your daughter marries a man from a poor family, even if you don’t give them any money, they will still become wealthy like you because your daughter will give birth to a child who will bring a bag of wealth to this Earth. All this happens because of you. But if you’re selfish and you refuse that your daughter should marry that poor young man, how could your wealth extend to him? This selfishness has grown in the heart of many of you. “You cannot marry that poor man; you can never marry him; do you want my wealth to finish; do you know how I suffered to gather everything I have; you cannot marry from a poor family.” Are you the Almighty God? I Am the Almighty God, and I know how I set everything. All of you know nothing, but you think you know something.

Whatever I give to you, I give it to you and your generation. However, you must not be selfish with it. There is nothing bad if you remove the garment of hardship and poverty from other families. This is what I want! But many of you have an evil heart. You are selfish. You alone want to inherit the Earth. If I Am a selfish Father, you’ll not be alive. Because I Am not a selfish Father, this is why you’re alive. If every rich man on this Earth has My kind of heart, where will poverty come from? Poverty will become a thing of the past. I didn’t create all of you equally. As your fingers are, so you are. However, you can extend whatever I give to you to others so that they can enjoy it too.

In My house, many of you are selfish as well. If a brother is in need and he speaks to you, you’ll tell him, “it is well”. Is he going to eat “it is well”? But you have some money in your bank account. Why can’t you withdraw it and solve his problem and wait and see what I’ll do? You can build houses upon houses, you can buy cars upon cars, and you can even fill your wardrobe with different garments, yet, somebody is in need, and you can’t help him. If you cannot help somebody who is in need, how will you agree if he asks for your daughter’s hand in marriage? I know what I Am saying! Selfishness is smelling on your head everywhere you go. If I didn’t give it to you and you’re like that poor man, what will you do? Who will you arrest? I want all of you to throw away wickedness and embrace love. Care for each other no matter how little. This is what My Kingdom is all about.

My Emphasis

The eyes of Jehovah God move to and fro over the Earth, and He sees every wickedness that is done under Heaven. The Bible says in the Book of Mark 12:31, “The second is this, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” While Jesus continued His teaching concerning love, a lawyer asked Him in the Book of Luke 10:29, “Who is my neighbour?” This led to the parable of the good Samaritan. Reading through the whole paragraph (Luke 10:30-37), you’ll find the real character of today’s Christians. Yet, this story was written more than two thousand years ago. Selfishness and self-centeredness is the key to unlove.

As a human being, seeing a fellow human being, compassion should flow through your veins. No matter who you are, no matter any circumstance you may find yourself in, you’re not greater than the Master who lived a lowly life just to save us; we the sinners. That which you have was not given to you to keep but to extend to others so that the good that the Father has done for you and your family can extend to others through your arm of love. It is total nonsense for a man to refuse his daughter to be married to a man from a poor home. What is poverty? Any man who can afford to feed his stomach isn’t poor even though he lives in a hut. He cannot add more to what the Father has given to him. And for him to have more than what he has, that means somebody who has more than him must give him some so that he too can have more than what he has. Now that your daughter brought his son to you for you to endorse their marriage, you refused because he’s not rich like you.

This same selfishness and wickedness made the Father give the Ordinance of tithe in the time of old. As it is then, so it is today. As a church member, if you have any problem, you could either pick up your phone and call your Pastor or you go and disturb his peace in his house. But common sense will not tell you that he - the Pastor has a wife and children to care for. If you fail to extend your hand to him and others follow your footstep, how will he earn his living? Will the Father fall from Heaven to give to him?

The Christians of today love living in luxury. They’ve joined themselves with the world through chains of houses and cars. As a Christian and a tenant seeking where to live, if you dare rent a house or an apartment from your fellow Christians, you’ll regret your life. If you think you’ll receive a better price because you’re a Christian, you should thank your God if you don’t even pay more than the normal price. These are today’s Christians! No matter what we choose to do, it doesn’t change the name of the Father. If we choose to help the Father propagate His Kingdom among ourselves and others, it’s our choice. If we also choose to do the opposite, it’s solely our choice. But there is a good reward for whatever we choose to do. I pray for you today that Holy Spirit will plant His seed of love in you so that you can always see beyond the physical in Jesus' name. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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