Evil Blood Of Intercourse

Word from the Father

If you eat unripe fruit, it’s like eating chemical and you’ll feel the effect of it in your body immediately. This was the case with Adam and Eve. When they followed the advice of Satan in the Garden of Eden, pain, hardship and suffering came into their lives. As human beings, even though the Spirit of sex is in you, you have control over it. This is what differentiates you from animals. But if you break your egg before you cook it, how can you eat it as a whole? As a man and woman, there is a strong law that guides marriage. The moment you’re joined together, both of you have the freedom to relate with each other as you like, yet, in a holy way. If you have sexual intercourse before marriage, you automatically use your own hand to send yourself to slavery because you’ll become like an animal. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Ancient of Days. I Am Invisible Father. I hate disobedience. The soul that committed sin shall die.

If you steal somebody’s property, won’t they arrest you? If they arrest you, you may land in the prison. In some nations, they may kill you because of that. This is physical, but the spiritual is more than that. If you have sexual intercourse with the person you want to marry like Adam and Eve, you’ll feel the impact on your marriage, and Satan will request the price from both of you. And if you have sexual intercourse with someone you’re not ready to marry, you must know exactly what you’ve done to yourself. As a man, you may think you’re the one that released your seed into the woman, that you’ll not suffer anything. But if that is true, why are all of you passing through sexual illness? Everything that takes place in the physical realm is controlled in the spiritual realm. Every illness is a demon, and the demons that control sexual-related sin are very dangerous. They don’t forgive.

Whenever a man and a woman lay together, something happens in the spiritual realm. If you do it legally with the person you’re married to, there’s no cause for alarm. But if it’s with somebody else, you automatically call evil spirits to take control of your blessing. Many people have money, they have everything, yet, they don’t have a good marriage. Why? If you investigate them carefully, you’ll find out that they’ve broken their egg before it’s cooked. Every time you lay together, you share each other’s blood. This blood remains with each of you until you die. And if you carry another person’s blood inside you, tell Me how you will enter Heaven. But if you later marry each other, if you cleanse yourselves, you’ll live in peace. But if you fail to cleanse yourselves, you’ll live a life of rising and falling. And if you don’t marry each other, the blood also remains with you. If you marry somebody else later, that means you add another person’s blood to the one you carry already. Instead of you to carry your own blood alone, you now add two other types of blood into it. And if you’ve laid with several women or vice versa, you know how many people you carry their blood inside you. This is why marriage is no more marriage. All of you must understand that the life of every creature is in the blood. I Am the Almighty God.

If you’ve never been to a house before, you don’t know what the inside looks like. But if you’ve been there before, you can speak of everything you know. This is how sex before marriage is. If I say you shouldn’t divorce, will I then condone sex before marriage? If you’ve never defiled yourself before marriage and you later divorce, your blood still remains with each other how much more when you defile yourself. Though the law of this Earth may give you the certificate of divorce, but the spiritual side of it goes a very long way. I was the one that gave Eve to Adam. But because they didn’t wait for My instruction before they did what they did, all of you know what came upon them. If you know what’s inside sex, all of you will be very careful before you engage in it. Despite every Law I gave to My children, they still went ahead and broke My Law. Hence Adam and Eve failed in this area, Satan has a strong tool in his hand to destroy their generation. He tempted all their children even at a very young age as early as seven. After everything that happened to them in the Garden of Eden, they were able to guide their children on how to overcome the temptation of Satan. Today, many of you - parents know the kind of life you lived as a youth. Now that you have children, instead of you to use your past to teach them so that Satan will not hijack their souls halfway, you failed in your duties. All of you failed! How many of your children are pure and holy? They’ve defiled themselves everywhere. I will judge you!

If you defile yourself before marriage, Satan has every right to breed his children through you. Eve wasn’t pregnant with the one they did in the Garden of Eden. Despite that, you know what happened to their first son – Cain. All of you that call yourself Christian should be very careful how you live your life. I didn’t send My Son for you to have freedom in committing sin. I sent Him so that He could carry the sins you’ve already committed. And for any of you to enter Heaven, you must delete every spirit of sexual immorally away from your body.

My Emphasis

O that the children of men may know that the Almighty God takes delight in righteousness and purity. Every sin a man committed to himself is a spiritual sin. And every spiritual sin carries eternal judgement. Before the soul of Adam and Eve could have peace, many years passed. Today, even a little child cannot control himself because of the dangerous doors Satan has opened to the children of men. As a young man, the so-called youthful exuberant could mar your future. Young boys and girls engage in all manner of sexual sin. In a world where children are being sent to school far away from their parents, all manner of lawlessness like homosexualism and lesbianism are born.

Every strange blood you carry inside your body carries so many spirits, and the original owner of that blood matters a lot. Through sexual immorality, Satan has polluted the children of the Father with all manner of creatures. Today, a woman could carry a spiritual animal in her womb without notice. All this is because of her sin. Before the Father could send Lucifer out of Heaven and before He could lay a curse upon Adam and Eve, He knew what went wrong. If you have different kinds of dangerous creatures and one of your sons opens their cage and they escape, you know what that means. The moment Adam and Eve committed sexual sin in the Garden of Eden, the Father knew straight away the kind of door they’d opened for their children and their generation.

All the troubles on this Earth today come as a result of breeding evil. As a woman, if any man lay with you unlawfully, as aforementioned, the blood remains inside your body through which demons could breed inside your womb waiting to enter each of your children. Every seed your holy husband releases into your body is holy water. And every seed every other man releases into your body is unholy water. What is unholy is unholy. The world is densely populated today, yet, not from the heart of the Father. Less for the Father alone, the population of the Earth will be a few billion only. Demons are multiplying through the children of the Father every day. And to deliver such kind of children from the power of their demons isn’t easy at all. In the church, if the Father open your eyes to see the kind of children Christians are breeding, you will shed tears.

What then is the solution to all this? Fear the Father and forsake every evil way. Confess your sins and throw away every garment of sin. Take on the garment of Jesus Christ which is holiness. Forsake every other way and everything that doesn’t profit your soul. Stay clear of anything that will renew your past. Let your past remain in the past and let the Holy Spirit take the lead in your life. Satan has scattered his agents across the churches. They are human beings like you. Somebody gave birth to them like you. You can never know them unless Holy Spirit comes down. And if the church doesn’t permit the operation of the Holy Spirit because many servants of the Father have shut Him out of the church, then there’s nothing He can do. Therefore, pray for wisdom and discernment. Live your life in the Word of the Father. May the grace of Him who shed His precious blood for you purify your heart and soul and lead you beyond the scary mountain in Jesus' name. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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