Can You Help Yourself

Word from the Father

Can you help yourself? You cannot help yourself. It is said that Heaven helps those who help themselves. This is a wrong saying! You cannot help yourself. If Heaven fails to help you, you’re doomed forever. No man has the power to do anything. If I don’t release anything to you, how can you have it? This is why you must always depend on Me. This is why you must always lean on Me. I know everything about you. I Am the Creator and Manufacturer of your body. I know how many organs that live inside your body. I know how I formed your skeleton, and I know how many bones are there. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of every creature. Every life comes from Me, and without Me, there is no life.

Right from the day I created human beings, they’ve always depended on themselves. How can you depend on yourself when you can’t live by yourself? Can you breathe on your own? If I seize the breath in you, how will you live? Can’t you see you can’t live without Me? This is where all of you missed it! Every single leaf on each tree is determined by Me, and I know their numbers and how much more you a human being. If a single leaf falls from a tree, I know about it. Everything that happens to each and every one of you each day doesn’t bypass Me. I know about it. If you know Me as your Creator, if you recognise Me as your Father, I will always be there for you. Those who don’t even know Me, I still care for them how much more those who recognise Me.

If you recognise Me, you must do My will for you to have peace because that is the journey. Until you learn to put your trust in Me, until you learn to do My will, this is the only way My peace will surround you everywhere. Each day is full of good and evil. As a human being, you cannot avert evil from coming to you. However, because you have My fear, because you put your trust in Me, because you recognise Me as your Father and Creator, I will always shield you. I will neither leave you nor forsake you.

Come to Me! Take and drink, it’s the water of life. Drink and be satisfied. Let the bones of the weak be strengthened. Let the soul of the feeble be revived. I Am He who formed darkness and light. I fashioned each as My heart desired. I Am He who owns the storehouse of light. I know the depth of darkness and light. I can move in any direction because I Am the Breeze that controls everything. Who knows the source of My treasure? Who knows where I live and sleep? I neither sleep nor slumber. If I sleep, many things will destroy in a twinkling of an eye. I Am Unshakeable Father. I Am Undestroyable Father. I Am Jehovah God of light. In Me, there is no darkness.

I Am the Almighty God. Heaven is My throne, and the Earth is My farm. What will you give to Me? What will you render unto Me? I Am the Owner of everything. Can anybody feed Me? Can anybody forgive Me? Can anybody have mercy on Me? I depend on nobody, and I answer to nobody. I formed, I created, I explored, I produced, I manufactured, I performed. I Am All-In-All. Who dares wait to see My anger? I Am a Merciful Father, and My anger is unbearable. Nobody understands My ways because My ways are mysterious. All I need from all of you is to hold on to My Word. Do My will and see what I’ll do for you. Let anybody go into the deep darkness and fashion anything against you. There you’ll know that I Am the Almighty God and a Warrior. But your sin always cut My hand short. This is why I can neither fight nor defend you.

My Emphasis

When a baby is born, he depends solely on his mother. Though he cannot speak, yet, the mother knows his will; she knows whatever he wants. Whenever he’s hungry, she’ll breastfeed him. Every physical and spiritual nutrient is inside her milk. Everything in him is connected to the Spirit of his mother because his early life depends solely on her. This is why it’s very easy for a mother to destroy the glory of her child.

As a little child cannot help himself, as he depends solely on his parents, as he neither thinks nor worries about anything, so also the Father wants us to be. As a Father, He knows everything we need; He knows our heart's desire. One thing He expects from us is to do His will. As a human being, we cannot help ourselves in any way. Therefore, we must depend solely on the Father to live our lives.

The world we live in now is full of many distractions! If you’re not spiritually minded, you can get carried away easily because Satan has opened all manner of doors to the children of the Father so that peace can be far away from them. Yet, those who understand the power of evil, those who know that evil is everywhere will lean on the Father alone. And no matter what they see, they’ll not be carried away by it.

As each day passes by, we grow older. As each day passes by, the clock of our life is ticking. What has a beginning also has an ending. In a few days’ time, we’ll celebrate the beginning of another year. As we’re celebrating a new year, so also, we’re getting closer to our grave. Just as a baby is born, so also will he grow old and return to wherever he comes from. Life is full of mysteries. But the Father, the Owner of every mystery, has given us the assurance of a better life, a better hope, a life without end in joy and peace. For any man to attain this, he must live and dwell in the Word and will of the Father. This is the only way he can live a meaningful and fulfilled life. Therefore, let us continue to depend on the Father alone and put our trust in Him until that day when death will envelop us to the life beyond. I pray for you this day that the grace of the Father which has brought you thus far will lead you throughout your journey and keep you safe in JJesus'esus name. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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