Be Proud Of Your Father

Word from the Father

I know my Father. I know what my Father can do. I know my I Am That I Am. He has done it before, and I know He’ll do it again. No matter what I’m passing through, I know He’ll be there for me. He is my Father and my God. He knows me by name. I know He’ll never allow evil to befall me. Even if He allows it, He has a reason for it. No matter what I’m going through, I will be proud of Him. I will continue to honour Him. Even in my affliction, I know He’ll glorify Himself. That is the testimony I want to hear from all My children. Whatever I do, I do it for a reason. Whatever I do, I do it for your own good. I Am the Almighty God. I know the ending before the beginning.

When My Son came to this Earth, He passed through many afflictions. Many times, there was no food in the house to eat. He would assure Mary and Joseph that His Father would provide. A lot of things happened to Mary because of My Son. I proved Myself to her and Joseph, and the record is not there for any of you to read. If I sent Him to this Earth, didn’t I know how the Earth was before I sent Him? I didn’t abandon My Son, and He knew it. This was why He cried when He was dying on the cross. I didn’t forsake My Son. I saw what My Son was going through and it was very painful for Me. I couldn’t turn back the hand of the clock. This was why I turned My face away. He couldn’t feel My presence, and He lamented. If there’s anyone among you I should have paid millions into his account; He’s the One. I didn’t send Him because of the things of this Earth. I sent Him to carry your load, to carry your sin. My Son suffered. The Earth chased Him back to Me. I accepted My Son because He fulfilled My will, and I crowned Him.

When Saul collaborated with some of My children to stone Stephen to death, he – Stephen didn’t regret standing for Me. He stood firm in his faith. Even when blood was flowing down his face, I opened his eyes to see My glory, for him to see the reward that’s awaiting him. But what did I do to those who killed him? Saul (Paul) tasted his own sorrow before he died. He’s here with Me. He suffered the consequence of all the evil he committed before he met My Son. And in his affliction, he too stood firm and didn’t deny Me.

No matter what you’re passing through, stand firm in your faith. Don’t look back. When My Angels rescued Lot and his family because of My son Abraham, they warned them not to look back. When Lot’s wife looked back, what happened to her? She became a pillar of salt! This wasn’t about turning your face backwards, it’s spiritual. If you value the things of this Earth more than your own life, who do you call yourself? The spirit of Sodom had captured her heart, this was why she remembered everything she left behind. And her children followed suit also.

If you love Me, you’ll obey My Word. You’ll forsake the things of this Earth because you can see the world beyond. You’ll count the suffering of this Earth as nothing. You’ll hold on to Me even if they’re killing you. This is the kind of child I’m looking for.

My Emphasis

A criminal who was sentenced to death, who received a presidential pardon out of grace will never forget the very day the crown of death was removed from his head. Any man who has lived half of his life in sin, when saved by grace will always hold on to the grace that saved him. This was why many people in the time of old found joy in the midst of death. They knew the consequence of sin, and they understood what it meant to be saved.

Our reaction matters whenever we’re passing through afflictions or trials. Any act of complaint and murmuring is like we deny the Father. If we agree that we’re saved by grace, we should let that faith prevail even in the midst of our affliction. We believe in the Invisible Father by faith. We should also believe that no matter what may come our way, the Father cannot be ignorant of it. This should give us strength when facing affliction.

If we’re saved, many of us quickly forget where we’re coming from whenever the Father allows us to be afflicted. Through affliction and trials, we draw strength for our journey. Those who desire to follow the Father will face many trials. In fact, trials will become water to bathe. It’s an everyday test. And we must not fail. Even if we fail today, we may pass tomorrow. And if we pass today, there’s no guarantee we’ll pass tomorrow. Therefore, the trials of a Christian are everyday business.

Blessed is he who grumbles not in the midst of trials. When the time of his trials is over, he’ll become a well of experience where many will drink and find comfort and strength for their journey. Affliction comes upon us as a result of our sin. But trials are like a test in the classroom. Many people may come to me today and tell me something they feel is too big to speak about. But my reaction alone will shock them. Some may think initially maybe I’m mocking them. But little did they know that my Father saved me because of them.

A servant of God came to me a few years ago, and after narrating his story, I narrated mine. When I finished, he said to me that only very few servants of God have such personal experiences that one can relate to when it comes to a deeply spiritual issue. He only said what he knew. But I knew why the Father allowed me to pass through such a horror route. All because He wants to save His children!

My beloved, no matter what you’re passing through, rejoice, and I say rejoice. There’s neither temptation nor trial that’s greater than the Almighty God. He knows the deep down of sin. He knows why sin came into existence. In fact, He created it! Therefore, nothing happens to us that the Father doesn’t know. He knows it more than we do. When Satan planted his trap, and we fall into it cheaply, He knows. Sometimes the same Satan who planted the trap will come to the Father to seek approval to destroy us. But the Father will playback the video of how he planted the trap for us, so we could fall into it. And we, in our blindness, will truly fall into it. After he might have watched the video, he - Satan will burst into laughter. This is what goes on behind the scene, and no one knows this. Therefore, let your heart and soul be for the Father. Whatever comes your way, the Father knows it all. Rejoice and serve the Father with all your heart and soul. Absolutely nothing can separate us from Him. Glory Hallelujah! Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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