Be A Good Example

Word from the Father

That man was a foolish man. That man was a thief. That man was a womaniser. That man was a useless husband. That man was a wicked father. How do people speak about you? What kind of example do you lay down for people to follow? Are you a good or a bad example? If you’re My follower, people must always speak good of you. The only way they may speak bad of you is by saying, “that man is too strict; every time holiness”. No matter how much people love you, they’ll always see something negative to speak about you. But if they want to speak about you, let it be positive in My sight. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father.

You’re working in a company, you have workers under you. How do they see you? What are they saying in your absence? Yes, you cannot please everybody, but let the majority of people speak good about you. Wherever you are, be a good example to people. Many of you have no good heart. You have no pity heart. I Am the Almighty God. Despite all your multitude of sins, I still show pity on you. If people have a problem and they come to you, what advice will you give to them?

From My servants to world leaders, no one is a good example. If all of you are good examples for others, this world will be a better place. Every man knows what’s right and good. But a man who knows what’s right and fails to do it is categorised as a wicked man. If you know the truth as My servant and you cover it, you’re laying a bad example for My children to follow. As a leader, if you fail to keep to what you promised My children, you’re laying a bad example because you’re a liar.

How many of My children are good examples wherever they go? If something is bad, instead of you repairing it, you’ll destroy it more. What do you call yourself? Many are crying, yet, you have the means to wipe their tears. What do you call yourself? Wherever there’s trouble, instead of you speaking peace and letting peace reign, you scatter everything. What do you call yourself? Are you the kind of person the younger generation can count on?

The Earth is Mine and everything in it. As each day passes by, all of you are getting closer to your end. After this Earth, when you’re dead and gone, what will people say about you? What kind of example will you leave behind? A good or bad example? It’s not too late! I still give you life, and you can change your ways.

My Emphasis

After Abraham sent Ishmael away, the memory of what he saw with his father never left him. Though still a young man, he trusted in the God of Heaven. He lived and prayed as he saw his father Abraham did. This was why the Father looked and gave his generation the same Ordinance He gave to the children of Isaac. Everything is about holiness.

As a servant of God, if all your members feel comfortable in sin but are angry whenever you preach the truth, carry on with the latter message for that will eventually lead them out of destruction and death. Though you may end up saving just a few, the few will end up becoming a multitude. When the Father called Abraham, he was all alone with his wife. But the promise of the Father to him goes beyond himself and his wife. Today, the seed which the Father planted in them has spread throughout the whole Earth.

Being a good example may look awkward in the sight of men, but in a long term, they will come to see the truth that was eventually hidden from them from the beginning. The problem we have in the body of Christ today is that we want to help the Father to accomplish His mission. We’re always in haste. But the Father is a patient Father. To lay the foundation of what will last takes a while. When He turned to Britain many years ago, a small island in the centre of the sea, as a refuge place for His children, it was like a joke. But today, many people don’t even understand what led to the prosperity of Europe. But those who laid the foundation were long gone.

As children of the Father, ours is to always strive to please the Father, and the Father will take care of the rest. From each family to the body of Christ, from home to the office, let us be a good example everywhere we go. Let us be a good example that other people can emulate. Let us behave as true ambassadors of Christ. Nothing goes for nothing. Whatever we do that elevates the handwork of the Father, surely, there’s a reward for it. May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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