At Calvary He Died

Word from the Father

If you want to do a charm and you want it to work for you, you’ll use what you love. The priest may ask you to bring your wife or any of your children whom you love most. Whatever you do, you cannot do it more than Me. If you know how to do a ritual, you don’t know how to do it more than Me because I created it. I Am the Owner of this Earth, and I know what went wrong and the solution to it. I brought all of you to live here and for Me not to lose you, I used My Son as a Charm to bring all of you back to Me. I used His blood to redeem your soul. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Ancient of Days. I Am the Authority. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Great Oldman. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Originator. I Am Omnipresent God. I Am Omniscient God. I Am Omnipotent God. I Am Omnicompetent God. I Am Unbeatable God. I Am Undestroyable God. I Am Unstoppable God. I Am Unaffordable God. I Am Unmoveable God. I Am All-In-All. Glory, glory to My name. Hosanna to My name. Hallelujah to My name. If nobody praises Me, I will praise Myself.

When Pontius Pilate sentenced My Son to be crucified, with His weak body, He carried the cross to where they would kill Him. Many of My children lined up to watch Him. Those who loved Him wept inconsolably. They wept blood! Those who hated Him hurled many insults at Him. When He finally arrived at the place, He was very weak, and He fell down. They stripped Him naked and nailed Him to the cross. My own Son was stripped naked!!! What kind of shame is more than that? All this I did because of you. While He was there on the cross, He still summoned the last strength in Him to speak to His children. He had much internal bleeding because the weight of His body was pulling Him down from the cross. When He was about to die, He felt the weight of thick darkness over Him, and He cried to Me. My Son cried and wept!!! It was very painful to Me that I couldn’t turn back the hand of the clock. I have already planned everything and given My Word, and I couldn’t revoke it. It was very painful My son! When He couldn’t bear it any longer, He surrendered His Spirit and died. Some of My children who produced the video that you’re watching only acted how they thought it might have been. Nobody knew exactly how it was. Those who experienced it wished it never happened. The whole land was filled with the horror of that event. Some of them have seen people crucified before, but they’ve not seen anyone like this. All those who have hands in the death of My Son suffered physically and suffered spiritually. This is why the generation of those who killed My Son is still suffering until tomorrow, and they will suffer until the end of this Earth unless they do My will.

Ah, O you wicked children. I brought Somebody to lead you in the way of truth. But what did you do? You killed Him! You chased Him away from this Earth. All of you are wicked, sons and daughters of sorrow. You may tell Me you’re not among the Jews that killed Him. You’re among them! All of you are the same offspring of evil and disaster! I swear by My name Jehovah and My throne. Anyone among you who fail to do the will of My Son will not enter My rest. If you like, you can gather the whole Earth together in praise of My name. If you fail to do My will, you will not enter My rest. If you like, you can give all your estate as an offering in My house, if you fail to do My will, you will not enter My rest.

All of you are celebrating Easter. Do you know what you’re celebrating? Every Spirit in Heaven and Earth and underneath the Earth felt it when My Son was passing through horror. All attention was on Him because He was the Last Hope to rescue this Earth. He was My Last Hope! I have done everything to control the Earth because of all of you. Nothing I’ve not done. Whatever I asked you not to do, this you continually do every time. I gave you the heart of flesh, but you swallowed scorpion and cankerworm, and your heart became as hard as a rock. How many years now since My Son left this Earth? What can you say to the Earth? I swear by My name; I will judge all of you. With everything all of you are doing, if you think I Am blind, you can judge it as you like. I see everything, and I will judge you when the time is ripe. The best you can do to yourself is to remove your hands from evil. Remove your hands from sin. If you stop committing sin, the Earth will give you peace. Every day, you’re multiplying the Earth with sin, and you’re calling the name of My Son. If He had committed sin, would He have been able to carry your sin? All of you lack wisdom. You’re using the sorrow of My Son to drink. You’re using My sorrow to eat chicken and rice. If you like, you can praise Me with your dirty heart from morning until evening. You’re only wasting your time because I will judge you if you fail to do My will. Holiness is My will.

My Emphasis

While the Master was on the road to Calvary, many people lined up to watch what was happening. Many people followed Him from Pilate’s palace to Calvary. Those among them who loved Him wept all the way through while those who hated Him insulted Him throughout. They were expecting a Messiah who would come and overthrow the Romans and free them from their oppression. But they never knew that the plan of the Father was far from that. When He got to Calvary, He couldn’t stand anymore because He was terribly weak because there was neither food nor drink in His stomach. He was starving! They removed all His clothes and nailed Him. When those who loved Him saw His nakedness, they wept the more. If they had had the power, they would have killed those who did this to Him and rescued Him. But those who hated Him laughed the more.

After everything, when He was about to die, a thick and dark cloud covered everywhere. They couldn’t understand what was happening. He spoke His last word and died. Immediately He died, there was earthquake and lightning everywhere because of His holiness. It was far greater than what happened when Cain killed Abel his brother. Both the ones that loved Him or hated Him came to realise that truly, the Messiah came to this Earth and has just been killed. Those who crucified Him wished it never happened at all because they all felt the impact on their body. But immediately He died, He ascended straight to the Father that His work is done. He descended from Heaven to the Dark-Planet. He proclaimed Himself as the Messiah and went to Hellfire from there. This is why today, He is the only One who could enter Hellfire and come out as He likes.

My beloved, here ends the assignment of the Saviour. The mission of the Father has been accomplished, and without doubt, the next chapter will be opened, which is the resurrection. Everything that happened could only be imagined because it’s unlike today, where we have all manner of means to record an event. Supposing it was today when we could record what happens around us, I don’t think anybody will be able to watch it because it was very horrific. In all this, we could see the length the Father went to because of His love for His children. Somebody had vowed to destroy His handwork, but He wouldn’t let go as well. This was why He sent Jesus Christ to die. I charge you today, therefore, to sit back and think about your own life. In any area you know you’re still not living right, amend your way immediately because time waits for nobody. May the grace of the Father and His Son abide with your soul now and always in Jesus' name. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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