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Word from the Father

Before I do anything, I plan it carefully. Before I do anything, I know how the outcome will be. Every work I do is perfect, and no one can fault Me for anything. Out of the love I have for you, I gave you your Saviour who redeemed your soul. You know everything He passed through. The ball is now in your court to pay back everything He did for you. How can you pay it back? By doing His will. If you do His will, then you do My will. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Father of the universe. I Am the Creator. I Am the Self-Existing Father.

It was very easy for them to kill Him either with knives or stones, but nobody would have known today. Many of My Prophets were killed, and nobody knew anything about it until this day. I did everything in a form of shame so that the story would be there for generations to come. From His conception until birth, from the beginning of His ministry until the end, I did everything in a form of shame. Today, the whole world knows what happened in that tiny country called Israel. This is how I do My work.

When He resurrected, He became a Spirit, no more flesh. Even His Disciples still couldn’t comprehend everything they’d seen thus far. But the day He finally returned to Me, I opened their eyes, and they saw Him ascend in their presence. Could flesh ascend to Heaven? This was the last time the Earth saw My Son physically. Anyone who wants to see Him will see Him in the Spirit. When His Disciples saw Him ascend to Heaven, their eyes opened. This gave them the assurance that everything He told them was true. This made them abandon everything and focus on My work until the end of their lives. Some of them abandoned houses; some abandoned wives and children. They devoted their Spirit and soul to My work, and I crowned them in the end.

All of you are living by grace, the grace I gave you through My Son. If you value it as such, you will also receive the kind of reward His Disciples received. They were human beings like you. Not only them, but some also weren’t disciples, they were ordinary believers, and they devoted their lives to My worship. Today, all of them are with Me enjoying what they didn’t enjoy on Earth. They faced many persecutions. Many of them died through swords. They did many things to them that led to their death. But today, they’re with Me. What happened to those who persecuted them? No sinner will go unpunished. That settles it.

As for you who believe in My Word, devote your life to it. Surrender your Spirit and soul to it. Let the Word have an impact on your life. Let everybody see the light of My Word in you. In doing this, you’re doing yourself and your generation good. If you sow a good seed, won’t you reap its fruits? You’ll surely reap its fruits! But the time of labour is not palatable. The time of work isn’t easy at all. For you to get something out of your labour, you’ll devote all your time and energy to it so that you can put food on your table and also provide for your family. The journey of holiness is similar to this. While you’re on the journey, you’ll encounter all manner of hardship and suffering. But when you’re reaping it, though nobody sees you, you know where you are in the end. I charge all of you to encourage yourself and never look back. My Son, your Saviour gave everything, and I crowned Him. I will also crown you if you’re diligent in any area I gave to you.

My Emphasis

After the resurrection, He appeared to many people including His Disciples. He spent several days putting many things in order. When the time for His departure came, He admonished His Disciples to remain in Jerusalem. They asked Him a series of questions, and He answered the ones that were paramount to their journey. After speaking to them, He was lifted above the ground right before their eyes. He ascended higher and higher until the cloud enveloped Him away from their sight. This phenomenon opened their eyes that they’ve been living with the Son of God and they didn’t realise it. While they were still watching the sky, two Angels came and admonished them to remain steadfast in their faith in the Master.

Jesus was born and nurtured by Mary. He started and finished His ministry. All the thirty-three years He lived were full of hardship, pains and sorrow. Yet, He was glorified in the end. He came for this purpose. He came to die so that we could have life. This is the story that every spirit of this Earth dreaded so much. Satan has tried everything over the years to wipe it away from history. But all His effort remains fruitless.

Beloved, no one is holy as the Father, yet, He requires holiness from us. For this reason, He sent His Son to die so that we could live a peaceful life, not in our own way, but in Him. Based on all the spirits that live on this Earth with us, no one could sleep and wake up by himself except the Father give him the grace to do so. This grace was given to us through Jesus Christ, and we hereby became light in this dark world. I charge you, therefore, to surrender your life and will to the Father through His Son so that you can have a better place to go in the end. I pray for you today that the grace which was given to you through our Lord and Saviour will carry you home safely in Jesus' name. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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