Abominable Offering

Word from the Father

Whenever the Holy Spirit comes down in the church, the only thing He sees is abomination everywhere. The preaching that comes out of the pulpit is an abomination. The songs and dance are both abominations. And to compound your misery, all your money is also an abomination. I Am not a hungry Father. I have the whole universe at My disposal. If I Am hungry, I don’t need to tell you because I know what to do. Whatever you bring into My house is for your own good. My servants will deal with it as instructed. But how could they have peace with it if you’re bringing an abominable offering to Me? Looking at the offering basket, the only thing I see is the smoke of sin. With this, I cannot accept this kind of offering. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Great Provider. The whole universe belongs to Me.

It is My Ordinance for you to bring your tithe and offering to My house so that My servants could see food to eat. If you cannot go to the market and deliberately buy dirty food to eat, why should you bring a dirty offering to My house? Some of you are asking Me why your offering is an abomination. As a woman, you’re not married, and you have no job, yet, you’re living in a house that a married couple could not live in. You even have a car at your disposal. You’re enjoying the sweat of another man. You’re causing another woman to be sorrowful every day because of your relationship with her husband. By the end of the day, you’ll come to My house and give an offering. Even if My hungry servants couldn’t rebuke you because they’re blind, Am I blind too? If you want to speak, you’ll say you’re going to Heaven. If the same Heaven cannot accept your offering, will it accept your soul?

You, a young man, have your two hands, and nothing is wrong with your health. Because you sought a job and found none, you settled to cause other people sorrow by defrauding them. Before they ask for money in the church, you’ll be the one to donate the largest part of whatever the church needs. Tell Me how Heaven will receive your soul! Those who did it in the time of old, what did I ask the people to do to them? I asked them to be killed! If you’re alive and nothing happens to you, don’t think you’ll go away with it by the end of the day. The wicked shall never go unpunished. You’re an abomination to yourself, to everyone around you, to the church and to Me.

If you’re working with your hands, your employer will pay your wages by the end of the month. If you bring your tithe and offering to My house out of it, I will accept it. Both you and My servant will have peace because there’s no smoke of evil coming out of it. It’s a holy offering. I will continue to bless the work of your hands. But if you add one penny to it unlawfully, the whole money becomes an abomination. If you have your own company, you must make sure every money that enters and goes out is pure and legitimate. This is the only way I will continually bless the work of your hands. Unfortunately, many of you know who you are. You defraud different kinds of people to enrich yourself. You’re a big man in the church. Tell Me why I should accept your offering and why Heaven should accept your soul. If evil doesn’t befall you on this Earth, don’t think you will get away with it. If I overlook your sin because of My children that feed under you, I will not spare your soul in the end. All of you should go back into My Word and learn what it takes to serve Me. I Am not a wicked Father, but evil is an abomination to Me.

My Emphasis

The world we live in today is full of so many atrocities. The church of God has joined hands with the world to commit evil. Nobody knows right from wrong anymore. Everybody is running the same race, the race of disaster and calamity. In the church, servants of God are not cautious when it comes to money. As long the offering is bogus, praise God, we’re blessed. But little do they know that the Holy Spirit doesn’t accept the offering because all manner of evil spirits is attached to an individual’s offering.

During the transition period from the old to the new, Satan entered the heart of Ananias and his wife Sapphira to pollute the newly established church of God. The Holy Spirit quickly removed the evil smoke to make a distinction between the holy and unholy. This fear gripped the remaining people, and no one dared try such a thing again. Today, all manner of criminals are in the church. Their money carries the largest percentage of the offering. Servants of God are happy with this because the church is rich, and they have enough money to throw around as they like. In the time of old, the reverse was the case. People died quickly because of the sin they committed. The Father put an end to it because He knows that no one is pure anymore because the majority carries the vote of evil. If He should allow the angel of death to visit the church as it was in the time of old, fear would not allow anybody to enter there anymore. However, He gives every Christian the greatest punishment that no man can ever refuse. If the work of your hand is holy, you’ll be rewarded in the end, and if it’s unholy, you’ll be rewarded also in the end. The end of every man shall tell. Hellfire is the punishment, and the wicked cannot refuse it.

The Bible says in the Book of Deuteronomy 23:18, “You shall not bring the wages of a harlot or the price of a dog to the house of the Lord your God for any vowed offering, for both of these are an abomination to the Lord your God.” The Book of Proverbs 21:27 says, “The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination; how much more when he brings it with wicked intent!” And the Book of Isaiah 1:13 says, “Bring no more futile sacrifices; incense is an abomination to Me. The New Moons, the Sabbaths, and the calling of assemblies—I cannot endure iniquity and the sacred meeting.” The King of Heaven sits upon His throne and watches our foolishness because He knows that only time will tell before every lawlessness comes to the open. Every Christian emulates those who gather their wealth in a dubious way. Everything in the church today is about money. Holiness was shut out a long time ago. Yet, the Almighty cherish the remnant who still live in His fear even in their days of adversity. The riches of the wicked shall soon perish, and their offspring shall taste the sorrow of their fathers, but the descendants of the obedient shall live in peace. Therefore, wash your hands clean with the blood of the Master and repent from all your evil ways so that your soul can find peace in Him in the end. I pray for you today that the Holy Spirit will remove every scale of evil from your eyes in Jesus' name. Amen! May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus' name.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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